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How do I start my own
natural soaps company?

Partner with viaGlamour to create your own line of beauty products that use your branding, packaging, and optionally made on-demand for your customers. Add a line of organic soap bars to your store that are made with natural plant-based ingredients, formulated in Canada, and never rely on artificial colorants.

Natural first
Each bar of soap is made from a blend of natural plant-based ingredients for a healthier bubbly lather that rinses off without chemical residue.
Individually wrapped
After a bar is complete it'll be individually wrapped to preserve the natural scent. Your branding would be on the external packaging.
Canadian Lab
Have your products made with high-end ingredients in Canada with your company's logo inked onto the packaging.
High-end ingredients
Ingredients like charcoal and tea tree help rejuvenate, soothes, moisturizes dry skin naturally.

Add natural plant-based soap bars to your shop

Soaps are a great product to sell for any store because they can be used by anyone and immediately notice the impressive benefits of the product. The variety of soap bar formulas that could be made will fit into any lifestyle coice. An organic soap bars with infused active charcoal is used as a natural deodrant; a natural tea tree oils could sooth sore muscles with it's anti-inflammatory texture.

Not only is there an obvious demand for this kind of natural, hand-crafted product, it's incredibly easy to customize soap bars that and you can sell in your store hosted on platforms like Shopify.

You can design your own line of soap bars that are formulated with natural ingredients in Canada and ship to your customers with a custom-made box you can design.

The demand for this hygienic necessity will always be high, and there’s a growing interest in natural varieties of soap.

Fresh ingredients that are sourced from Canada.

Creating homemade soap bars is a great introduction to the complexities of manufacturing. You have to order your materials, store materials, and create packaging that stays clean during shipping.

From new businesses to already established companies in the beauty industry - adding soap bars that are professionally manufactured in Canada is an easy way to increase your catalog's options and give more ways for customers to discover your business.

With viaGlamour you can use our manufacturing expertise to get a soapy head start in the beauty industry. Design custom packaging and create healthy soap bars that are based on natural or organic ingredients like turmeric, sunflower, tea tea, lime, coconut, and others.

Expand your store without investing in inventory

It's easy to add soap bars to your shop. You won't have to buy new shipping boxes, buy inventory in bulk, or spend extra time packing your boxes.

The traditional way of selling shops is the handmade route. You'd make your products and manage the whole production process by yourself. We love seeing entrepeneurs go this route when starting a brand new indiependant shop.

An alternative way to sell soap bars is to partner with a company like viaGlamour to make your products after each new sale. You can still give customers fast shipping with affordable prices without having to develop the products from scratch each time you need to replenish your inventory.

Customers would purchase your soap bars and they would be made at viaGlamour with individually wrapped packging that you can customize with your own artwork. Explore what it's like to own a cosmetics company without investing in supplies upfront.

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